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If high schools helped parents to handle their teenage children, the peer society of school helped adolescents handle their parents, since it provided them with an excuse for staying out after school and on weekends. And it legitimated various kinds of dating activity. Going to sports events or musical performances, working on the newspaper or in a club occupied non-school time with friends, effectively keeping parents at bay. It was an excellent bargain. One that the mid-century psychologist Erik Erikson believed provided a moratorium on adulthood as adolescents learned to define who they were and what they believed in. They were at once dependent and independent, not children and not adults. Erikson took some of the same qualities that had inspired Hall and the founders of the juvenile court and the US high school, and attached a new label to the seeking for affiliation and for excitement that was associated with adolescents. This was the ‘identity crisis’, and parents were encouraged to give their children space to work through it.

B y the end of the 20th century, however, the special role of adolescence in US culture began to fall apart. Global competition was making skills acquired in high school obsolete as higher levels of schooled certification became necessary in the workplace. The longtime educational advantage of the US and the competence of its students was challenged as other nations prospered and offered their children schooling that was often superior when measured by international scores. New immigrants, who began to arrive in the US in large numbers in the 1970s, were less well-integrated into high schools as schools re-segregated, leaving Latino immigrants, for example, in underperforming schools.

High schools, long a glory of US education and a product of democratic culture, had lost their central social role. Graduation, once the final step for most Americans on the road to work and steady relationships leading to marriage, no longer marked a significant end point on the way to maturity. It provided neither an effective transition to adulthood nor a valuable commodity for aspiring youth, and was an impediment to those who dropped out. Going to college became a necessary part of middle-class identity, and this complicated the completion of adolescence for everyone. Now that college was held up as essential to economic success, the failure to go to college portended an inadequate adulthood.

The extension of necessary schooling into the 20s (and sometimes even into the 30s) strongly attenuated the relationship between a stage of physical maturation (puberty) and the social experiences to which it had been attached in the concept of adolescence. And active sexuality, which had been held at bay by a high-school life defined by dating, now intruded Sandro Long Sleeve Mini Dress Buy Cheap Limited Edition Discount 100% Guaranteed Shop For Sale The Cheapest For Sale HaHdRQeh
and earlier into the lives of the young, while marriage was increasingly Clearance Professional fur hooded jacket Pink amp; Purple Liska Clearance Clearance Store Quality Original 9eIb5aT0Z1
. Adolescence was no longer an adequate description of this long postponement of adulthood. It never had been more than an in-between stage, meant to comprise a moratorium of a few years. Americans floundered to find a term to cover the new postponement of maturity. The best they have come up with is Carmen March Woman Devorévelvet Wideleg Pants Black Size 34 Carmen March Discount Limited Edition Hot Sale Cheap Price Outlet Cheap Authentic Outlet Shop ZewlUgqG
’s ‘emerging adulthood’.

Out of the three consumers, Simple Consumer operates at the lowest-level. It meets our requirements as allows the consumer to "consume only a subset of the partitions in a topic in a process". However, as the documentation says:

Simple Consumer

The SimpleConsumer does require a significant amount of work not needed in the Consumer Groups:

You must keep track of the offsets in your application to know where you left off consuming

You must figure out which Broker is the lead Broker for a topic and partition

You must handle Broker leader changes

If you read the code suggested for handling those concerns, you'll be quickly discouraged to use this consumer.

New Consumer offers the right level of abstraction and allows us to subscribe to specific partitions. They suggest the following use case in the documentation:

New Consumer

The first case is if the process is maintaining some kind of local state associated with that partition (like a local on-disk key-value store) and hence it should only get records for the partition it is maintaining on disk.

Unfortunately our system is using Kafka 0.8, and this consumer is only available from 0.9. We don't have the resources to migrate to that version, so we'll need to stick with High level consumer .

High level consumer

That consumer offers a nice API, but it doesn't allow us to subscribe to specific partitions. That means that every instance of the Law Enforcement service will consume every message, even those that are not pertinent. We can achieve that by defining different consumer groups per instance.

In the previous post we have defined some Finite State Machine actor that is waiting for ItemDeleted messages.

Our Kafka Consumer could forward every message to those actors and let them to discard/filter irrelevant items. However we don't want to overwhelm our actors with redundant and inefficient work, so we'll add a layer of abstraction that will let them discard the proper messages in a really efficient way.

Akka Event Bus offers us subscription by partition that we're missing in our Kafka High Level Consumer. From our Kafka Consumer we'll publish every message into the bus:

In the previous post we showed how to subscribe to messages using that partition key:

LookupClassification will filter unwanted messages, so our actors won't be overloaded.

Thanks to the flexibility that Kafka provides, we were able to design our system understanding different trade-offs. In the next posts we'll see how to coordinate the outcome of those FSMs to provide a sync response to the client.

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Thank you for your time, feel free to send your queries and comments to felipefzdz .

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